Our Story

About Me

My name is Shanna

Born and raised a Smartbutt
(as my mom would say).

She doesn’t typically use the word ass cause
ya’ know, that’s a dirty word.

Cheap Ass

Cheap is good.

Potty Mouth

Did you know that face masks (covid masks) have a filter and those filters DO NOT work. They don't filter words AT ALL. What a ripoff.


Doesn't giving just feel good?
That's why we should do it more often.

How Smart Ass came to be

One day, not too many moons ago, I received a phone call from my bestie. She was crying and upset about something (don't really remember what: Bret Michaels probably stumped his toe). We got off the phone and I thought, I need to send her something. I called the closest flower place, knowing damn good and well I didn't really want to a.) Spend that much money and b.) Send her stupid flowers. I told the florist where she lived and what I wanted to spend. By the time we got off the phone I was over $100 in both flower and delivery fees! Jeez Louise, flowers aren’t gold. Needless to say, I didn't do it, I just couldn't afford $100 for a (the thought that counts) gift. So, I resorted to Amazon. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. Everything was stupid, impersonal, and dumb. I put down my phone and that was the end of it.

She didn't get a gift. She didn't know I was thinking about her. She didn't know I cared. I had chased that rabbit saw a squirrel and moved on.

As with most things, the stupid thought just wouldn't leave my brain. Why wasn't there a place that I could go and just order something cute, reasonably priced (because I am a cheap ass after all), and fun to brighten someone’s day? Then it began...

I started working on ideas and I quickly realized that I would NOT send a card that was all sweet and smushy. Instead I would much rather send her a card that was silly and ..... and..... and..... Smart Ass! That's it!!!

I immediately started working on all the things. I started obsessing about gifts, and boxes and websites and social media and, and, and. Then, COVID hit and everything got...weird. I had friends that I couldn't see, friends that needed to know I was thinking about them, friends that were struggling, and friends that just like mail!

The reason to launch Smart Ass grew. I NEEDED to send gifts to people. People need to send gifts to other people. WE need to come together and lift each other up. As I am typing this, I have not sold 1 box. For all I know, I will end up sending all the boxes I have to people I know. However, I KNOW I am not the only person on this planet that needs to send surprises to people. I KNOW I am not the only human to want to try to lift someone’s spirits. So here we are.

Since I have friends that think my smartass-y-ness is not all too witty (aka. My mom), we also have Sweet Ass greetings and cards.

So there you have it. Need to send a gift that isn’t $100 or more in flowers? We gotcha covered! Is your karma meter running low? Send a gift and it’s even pretty cheap!

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